Chris Hemsworth Daily Routine

Christopher Hemsworth (born 11 August 1983) is an Australian actor.

He eats eight meals a day.

It’s not just breakfast, lunch, and dinner that factor into the Chris Hemsworth diet when he’s getting ready to play Thor. In a new interview with Page Six, Hemsworth’s trainer, Luke Zocchi, says that the star eats significantly more than he normally would in order to bulk up for the role.

“When we go into prep for movies like Thor, it’s a massive increase in food,” explained Zocchi. “He eats, like, six to eight meals a day.”

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He eats every two hours.

To ensure that he’s eating enough to build muscle, but not so much that he’s too sluggish to train, Hemsworth eats his eight meals spaced out every two hours throughout the day.

“He found if he eats a really big meal he, like, feels too heavy, so they’re 450-calorie meals broken up into the eight,” Zocchi explained to Page Six. “We try to eat every two hours and getting 450 calories in [each time].”

He starts the day with a green shake.

To start off his day on the right foot, Hemsworth kicks off his meal plan with a daily smoothie.

“Chris’ day always starts with a large green shake made up of 5-6 different types of leafy greens and vegetables, low-glycemic fruits, nuts, seeds, fats and small amounts of sea salt to aid in electrolyte balance, nerve transmission and glucose metabolism,” Sergio Perera, a chef who works with Hemsworth, told Men’s Health.

He fuels up with red meat.

To ensure he’s eating enough protein to fuel his muscle gains, Hemsworth typically bulks up his meat intake.

“Chris eats a bit more red meat than usual, but limits it to daytime as it requires more energy to digest. This is unless he trains later in the evening, in which case he may have a lamb chop after his workout,” Perera told Men’s Health.

He does heavy lifting throughout the day.

Of course, it’s not dietary changes alone that get Hemsworth into amazing shape to play Thor.

“It’s just heavy weight lifting, training at least once a day, sometimes twice a day,” Zocchi told Page Six of Hemsworth’s workout routine, noting that the star also integrates boxing and HIIT into his exercise plan.

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