Joe Rogan Daily Routine

Joseph James Rogan (born August 11, 1967) is an American podcaster, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator, comedian, actor, and former television presenter.


“I schedule my workouts every Sunday,” Rogan explained on an episode of his podcast. “I schedule everything that I’m going to do during the week.

“I say ‘I have to do yoga two times this week’ and ‘I have to lift weights three times this week’ and ‘I have to run twice this week.’ And however I fit that in, I fit that in. But I owe those things so I have to get those things in.

“The only exceptions are injuries and sickness. That’s the schedule.

“On top of that, there are other things that I enjoy doing like kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu. I work those in when I can.

“The diet is pretty strict in terms of no bread, very few carbs, no sugar, no bullshit. Healthy food, a lot of vegetables and a lot of game meat, mostly wild game.

“I take vitamin supplements every day. I take multivitamins, I take probiotics, I take vitamin B12 and D.

“I do everything that I can to put my body and my brain in a good place so I’m keeping my engine smooth. I’m changing my oil, I’m changing my spark plugs and I’m making sure that it’s operating. It’s not going to be perfect but I know that I’ve done my best to keep it operating to the best it can.”

A lifelong athlete, Rogan has put on considerable size thanks to a dedicated weightlifting programme, primarily using kettlebells, and he recently discussed how he approaches lifting.

“I follow the Pavel Tsatsouline protocol,” Rogan said. “Where say if I can do 10 reps of something, I never do 10. I do five.

“If I’m doing something heavy. Like if I’m doing 90lbs clean press squats where I’m holding 90lbs over my head, I could probably do 10 of those but I’ll only do four or maybe five.

“I don’t go to failure. I don’t believe in going to failure. What I think you’re best off doing is less repetitions but more often. So instead of doing one day where you blow your whole fucking system out and you do ‘ONE MORE BRO, COME ON. ONE MORE!!’ And then the next day you can barely walk.


As a comedian, he’s frequently up until 3 am entertaining people on the stage or hanging out with his friends. He doesn’t follow a strict sleep schedule. His only rule is to get eight hours a night. With that being said, he wakes up anywhere from 10 am to noon, depending on the previous night. He’ll start his day with some alkaline water and a little pink Himalayan salt to hydrate and prepare for the intense workout ahead, with a coffee to stave off hunger.

Rogan likes to workout in a fasted state. Anyone who’s watched the podcast knows he loves lifting weights, regularly discussing its physical and mental benefits.

When it comes to home gyms, his is fully equipped. He regularly spends up to three hours working out, incorporating anything from free weights to kettlebells and cardio.

He refers to himself as a workout nut, using it to relieve stress in his life. If he doesn’t get a workout, he feels edgy and depressed.


After his workout, Joe breaks the fast with a smoothie or a steak with eggs on the side, depending on what he’s feeling like on the day. He only eats wild game that he has killed himself on hunts. His Instagram has plenty of pictures of delicious elk and deer meals.

If he has a coffee in the afternoon, it’ll be from the Black Rifle Coffee company. He enjoys Caveman Coffee as well. Laird Hamilton’s coffee creamer is often added.

Joe likes to podcast in the afternoon, but he’ll also start earlier if he has multiple guests scheduled for the day or other things scheduled in the afternoon.


After finishing his podcast responsibilities he heads home for dinner, which usually involves elk meat and vegetables or Kimchi. However, he’s not afraid of the occasional trip to In-and-Out or McDonalds for a Fillet-O-Fish after a show.

Evenings are spent at home, watching movies with his daughters and wife. After everyone else has gone to bed, he will start writing. He believes this time writing is what made him a success, so he takes it seriously, and often works through to the early hours of the morning. When it’s time to go to sleep, he relies on his Whoop device to track his downtime.

Joe Rogan has investigated Zyn nicotine pouches in the past on his podcast but is not a regular user.