Johnny Depp Daily Routine

John Christopher Depp II (born June 9, 1963) is an American actor, producer, and musician.

Diet Plan

Johnny is very prudent about his diet and instead of eating everything coming in front of him, he astutely thinks about the nutrient density of food item and based on that only, he makes his choice. He normally swears by very healthy and balanced diet regime. His diet routine generally consists of copious food items such as white fish, lean protein such as chicken breast, cottage cheese, green veggies, wheat pasta, soy products etc.

His diet keeps varying with his fitness objective. When he has to shed surplus pounds from his body, he precisely abides by low calorie food items such as, less sugary fruits, green veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds etc. The health conscious actor steers clear from sugary and alcoholic beverages and prefers green tea to any other beverage. At times, when he has to torch massive pounds from his body, the heartthrob actor banks on green tea like insane.

Lately, after being inspired by his girlfriend, Amber Heard, Johnny has religiously been following vegan diet plan and is feeling extremely flattered with its rewarding outcomes. He nourishes his body with six small meals in a day. And to magnify the number of lean muscles in his body, he also consumes protein supplements with his meals.

Workout Routine

The actor has been able to maintain his lean physique with the aid of varied workouts and he doesn’t fail to practice them in routine. No matter how hectic schedule he happens to have at work, he doesn’t skip hitting gym for practicing workouts for minimum four to five times in a week. His workouts being mainly directed to enhance the suppleness of his body and making it more resilient inculcates workouts such as push ups, squats, dips, dumbbell curls, bicep curls, bench press, plyometric etc. Push ups and bench press caters to his upper body muscles such as shoulders, arms, chest, etc.

Besides that, for getting prepared for his role in Pirates of Caribbean series, wherein he was supposed to show immense strength, agility, and power, he executed grueling sword fighting, which catered to all these qualities. Since very long time, the hot actor persistently has been able to maintain flab free ripped physique only due to workouts. His ingrained love for athletic body keeps him from lifting heavy weights. Hefty weights being promoter of bulging repel him. He practices his session of strength training with dumbbells and also keeps stability ball handy with him to execute diverse workouts.