Tucker Carlson Daily Routine

Tucker Carlson (born May 16, 1969) is an American television host and political commentator known for his work on Fox News.

Writing and Work Habits:

Tucker Carlson is a prolific writer, churning out about 2,000 words a day. Utilizing his iPhone and iPad for most of his writing, he starts preparing for his show on Sunday nights. As a left-handed dyslexic, typing with two fingers has been instrumental in expressing his thoughts fluently. Throughout the week, he maintains a file on his phone where he jots down ideas that come to him, saving them for future use.

Moreover, Carlson sends daily memos to the show’s producers, outlining his vision for each episode. Sometimes, these emails even serve as the starting point for his nightly monologues. Alongside his writing routine, Tucker has developed a passion for saunas, which he believes significantly aids his writing process. After his daily calls in the early afternoon, he spends an hour and a half in a woodfired Finnish sauna, finding inspiration and clarity within its therapeutic ambiance.

Exercise and Physical Activity:

Tucker Carlson’s weight loss journey has been a transformational experience. He openly admits that a sedentary lifestyle and a fondness for fast and junk food led to his weight gain. However, in recent years, he has taken significant steps to reverse this trend and improve his overall health. Regular exercise now plays a central role in his daily life.

Carlson can often be seen running and cycling during his free time, which not only helps him shed pounds but also fosters mental clarity and emotional well-being. Long walks with his wife are a cherished weekly activity, with the couple strolling up to eight miles along the scenic Potomac River. Tucker’s dedication to incorporating physical activity into his routine has become an inspiration for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Personal Hygiene and Habits:

While Tucker Carlson maintains discipline in certain areas of his life, he is candid about his idiosyncratic personal habits. Flossing is a daily ritual for him, but he admits to having somewhat sketchy hygiene habits, such as being less inclined to frequent handwashing. Despite this, he remains true to his individuality, embracing his uniqueness.

Though Carlson is known for his sober lifestyle, abstaining from alcohol and marijuana, he acknowledges being judgmental about others’ drug use, considering it a prevalent issue in society. However, he is open about his past smoking habit and how he eventually transitioned to using a nicotine pouch product called ZYN. These personal choices reflect his complex character and the multifaceted nature of his daily routine.


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