Uma Thurman Daily Routine

Uma Karuna Thurman (born April 29, 1970) is an American actress, writer, producer and model.

Diet and Workout

“I drink gallons of spring water every day.” She says. “It’s good for the skin and flushes out my system. I also work out a lot, and from time to time I follow an ultra strict macrobiotic diet.”

Uma used to be a vegetarian, but has long since changed her eating ways to follow the NutriSystem program’s macrobiotic diet. Uma Thurman’s diet encourage consumption of natural or organically grown foods such as whole grains like brown rice and grain products that include pasta, different cooked and raw vegetables, beans and bean products like tofu, sea vegetables, mild natural seasoning, fish, fruit, nuts, and seeds

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Having a busy schedule does not stop her from working out. In fact, Uma Thurman’s exercise routine involves Wushu, yoga, Pilates and several cardio workouts to keep her in shape and well toned.

Her personal trainer and Pilates instructor Alycea Ungaro taught her the traditional ways of doing Pilates.

“I have a hectic schedule, but when I have a spare hour or so, I walk.” She says. “I also love to horse-ride, and in winter months, I ski and snowboard. When I’m on set, my Pilates Trainer comes in to train me. Really, I try to make time for it.”

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Uma Thurman decided to significantly reduce her meat consumption, without going so far as to become totally vegetarian, according to an interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan show.

“One of my shameful shames is that I do not have the strength to become a vegetarian because, even though I think it’s morally better, I’m a carnivore. So I really struggle with that, “said Uma Thurman . Suddenly, the star of Pulp Fiction  has opted for a compromise that all flexitarians should understand.

If she stays on a vegetarian diet most of the year, the actress allows herself some exceptions for holidays and special occasions.

“I am rather ashamed to say that I had a barbecue for Easter. Fortunately, all my friends and family are on the same wavelength. Everyone tries not to eat meat all the time, so when we cook for a family meal, everyone sits at the table, “she said.