Harrison Ford Daily Routine

Harrison Ford (born July 13, 1942) is an American actor, pilot, and environmental activist.

At 77, Ford still sports an impressive physique. He keeps himself busy in the entertainment world, but even that isn’t all that helps him stay in shape so well. Additionally, he admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he only goes to the gym “a bit.” That left fans wondering, How does Harrison Ford do it? His answer: a simple, albeit boring, diet.

Ford is glad the simple diet change is working but admits it’s really restricted him from more exciting food. That is because he actually cut out meat and dairy. That leaves him with two main food types. “[I’m eating] practically nothing,” he said of his diet. “I eat vegetables and fish. It’s really boring.” But it’s kept him able to do a lot in some of his most iconic movies.

“I feel fit to continue and bring the same physical action,” Harrison said when he was offered to play again the role of Indiana Jones. “I let my son spoil me from time to time, but I am extremely rigorous with my meal plan as I consider that by eating healthy I will be able to keep my physique like this year from now.” 

But Ford also had to work out hard, in what has been described as a brutal regime.

“I believe in training for injury prevention more than anything else,” he explains. “I’m an old fart and I need to protect myself, so I trained quite a bit. I had an exercise trailer rigged for me, and I worked out every single day before going to work. And I was lucky enough not to become injured at all.” 

Ford’s trainer Jamie Milnes says the routines he devised for Harrison were designed to increase his athleticism.

“It all required great co-coordination, and so we also worked on routines that helped his reflexes, general body conditioning, and building his core strength using dumb bells, medicine balls. It was all about helping him sustain the pace and avoid injury.”

“We don’t include running because that’s not good for your knees and back as you get older,” Jamie explains. “None of the workouts are about vanity or making him look good either. There’s no need – he already does. They’re to help him sustain his flexibility and stamina.”


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