Rob McElhenney Daily Routine

Rob McElhenney (born April 14, 1977) is an American actor, producer and writer.


On getting jacked:

“I’m gonna break it down for you, because it’s actually quite simple, and anybody can do this. Anybody on the planet can do this. First thing’s first: if you have job—like a 9-5 job—quit that. Do you like food? Forget about that. Because you’re never going to enjoy anything you eat. Alcohol? Sorry. That’s out. So what you need to do—you have a chef, right? like a personal chef?—make sure the chef makes you a lot of chicken breast. And make sure you keep your caloric intake at a certain level. And as you go to your physician 2-3 times a week—just to monitor all your testosterone levels—because testosterone is important to building muscle. You’re good friends with the trainer from Magic Mike? Arin Babaian. So you want to give Arin a call. And you want to make sure he’s at your house and takes you to the gym at least twice a day, because you’re gonna want to do your muscle-building in the morning and then your cardio in the afternoon. Now, do you have a family? Like a significant other or kids? Yeah, forget about them. You’re not going to have time to deal with them.”


For the six months he trained, his diet was almost entirely lean meat and easily digested carbs. He talks a lot about how sick he got of grilled chicken and rice, but that’s the kind of food that’s available to you when you’re limiting your intake as drastically as he did. Chicken, rice, and leafy green vegetables are going to be your strongest allies in the fight against fat. You want a diet full of protein to rebuild your muscles, carbs to impart energy to your body, and vegetables so you can top up your vitamins. 


Actors Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds knew they were in over their heads when they purchased the Welsh soccer club Wrexham A.F.C. in early 2021, especially since they hadn’t even met in person before becoming co-owners of the fifth tier Red Dragons, but their hearts were in the right place.

With little to no Wrexham or general soccer knowledge, the duo’s desire to help the third oldest pro soccer team in the world get promoted to a better league trumped their lack of knowledge with the sport, city, and team.


The 44-year-old revealed he has had family members who ‘literally drank themselves to death’, but ‘rationalises’ his own use of alcohol as he isn’t waking up and having a drink first thing in the morning.

‘I would say, “I’m not like that, I have one Manhattan every night”. But if I don’t, I’m like, “I gotta have that Manhattan”,’ he explained.

Rob, admitting ‘this is a bad sign’, said he sometimes tells himself he won’t have a drink that night, but when it gets to the time he usually has a Manhattan he will give in and ‘just have one’.