Carlos Alcaraz Daily Routine

Carlos Alcaraz (born 5 May 2003) is a Spanish professional tennis player.


His routine includes training for “five or six hours” a day —”and even more when I need to”—at coach Juan Carlos Ferrero’s academy near Alicante, Spain. “I like to train. I enjoy it,” he assures.

For the past four years, Alcaraz’s daily gym sessions were designed to alter his musculoskeletal system to ramp up his speed and stamina. His physique has evidently improved, a far cry from the scrawny frame of his youth. Through morphology training, which involves strength training without gains in muscle mass, Alcaraz’s team attests that he is now in his peak form, which allows him to mechanize his shots precisely and efficiently.   


According to his physical trainer Alberto Lledo:

“Carlos’ diet is based on real food, he doesn’t eat processed food or anything like that, even the supplements he takes are based on real food – a real high performance athlete like him needs glycogen to function and get energy, a lot of carbohydrates and a part of fat.

“Of course he also needs protein which is a generator of muscle mass – right now thanks to food, rest and work habits, he has developed the body of a proper tennis player, he has already reached the ideal body of him.”

When asked in May 2022 what his diet is like:

“I eat a lot of fish, more than meat. I eat quite a lot of pasta, that’s good for athletes. And I’m lucky that I can eat a lot without putting on weight in terms of fat. It’s good for me to eat quite a lot, and that’s what I do. I also eat a lot of salad, a lot of rice… I love sushi! It’s so good.”

When asked about guilty pleasures:

“I’m not really into desserts or sweets, but when I’m in Murcia I do occasionally like to get my hamburgers, my pizzas… I really love that.”

Diet the night before a match

“Sushi, I have that a lot.”

During during a match

“When it’s match time, I normally have a bar with dates, egg whites and, I think, guarana in it. And I normally have bananas, too. I’ve been eating that for a long time, like a year and a half, and I really do like it.”