Christoph Waltz Daily Routine

The European actor can include trilingual talents to his resume. The languages he speaks fluently? English, French and German. “I grew up German speaking in Austria and then I learned English and French, then I picked up this fake Italian accent,” he told Ask Men.

“The field of music that I am interested in might not be the most popular right now,” Waltz admitted to Rogers Movie Nation of his love for opera music, singing and Stephen Sondheim musicals. According to the site, he is a lyric baritone and has directed opera in Europe.

Christoph Waltz: 5 Things You Didn't

  1. Save it for an important occasion: “My first memory of drinking champagne was when visiting my grandparents. The night before we would leave, they always opened a bottle of champagne to top it off. As children, we didn’t get much, but it was still an event marked with a bottle of Champagne.”
  2. But not every celebration needs to be happy: “A glass of champagne is connected to an extraordinary event, something pivotal, something important. It’s not necessarily just joy and happiness—it can be somber and a little weighty, too, but still worth marking with a bottle of Champagne.”
  3. Don’t mess with it: “With Dom Pérignon, we’re talking about the best. You don’t pour anything else into it. Champagne is a cultural phenomenon—it’s not a consumer good like Coca-Cola.”
  4. Drink bad champagne every now and then: “I think variety and diversity is always good, because that’s how you learn how to appreciate it. Not always drinking the best helps you, educates you. You have to put a little bit of effort in to learn and understand; it doesn’t come to you on its own. When you learn to gauge the differences, then you are ready for the best.”
  5. Know what you are drinking: “If you’re not prepared to appreciate what you have in your glass, then I advise you to drink Coca-Cola—or beer.”

On cinema snacks:

“Why do they have to eat crap that stinks – a guy next to me comes with a bucket full of nachos, with some non-definably stinking goo on top,” he added, growing angrier by the moment.

“I go for the movie. Even if it’s bad, I go for the movie. But they go for the buckets.”

Social Media

he Django Unchained star prefers face-to-face contact and does not understand why social media is considered an approriate form of communication.

He says, “I would like to know why it’s called social media, it’s not social. There’s nothing more asocial. I’m not on Facebook, I don’t Twitter, Instagram is abhorrent to me. If you want to talk to me talk to me, or call me.

“I think private is private and public is public and the moment you start to mix the two, you have a problem. I enjoy being a private person. I enjoy meeting… in a restaturant and talking… and not to some little gadget… Everybody knows everything about everybody…”