Madonna Daily Routine

Madonna Louise Ciccone (born August 16, 1958) is an American singer-songwriter and actress.

Anyone who has seen Madonna perform will understand just how much choreography is involved in her shows. Because of this, she has to work out six days a week to stay in shape. Her workouts are also quite intense.

“She does a combination of circuit training, interval training and resistance training,” her personal trainer, Craig Smith, told the Daily Mail. “We focus on elongating the muscles … and maintaining a svelte, lean dancer’s physique.”

Since Madonna is a dancer, Smith incorporates some dance elements into her workouts. However, Madonna often varies her routines to also include things like yoga, push-ups, planking, and weight-lifting. Smith revealed that she works with weights that are 2.5 and 5 pounds.

Her workout sessions are known to be difficult for an average person. Madonna even once joked that when she has her friends try them, her friends “end up going to the bathroom and puking.”

However, Smith shared that Madonna is usually able to do these workouts because she eats a healthy diet every day.

Madonna follows a strict macrobiotic diet

Madonna’s former private chef is Mayumi Nishimura, who specializes in macrobiotic cooking, which has a lot of influence from the food that is traditionally eaten in East Asian cultures. Madonna’s macrobiotic diet, for example, focuses a lot on eating whole grains, vegetables, legumes, fermented soy sauce, and fish. Additionally, she often cuts out eggs, meat, dairy, and wheat from her everyday life.

In one interview, Nishimura revealed that Madonna was first introduced to the macrobiotic lifestyle by her former husband Guy Ritchie.

“Guy Ritchie was the one who wanted to have the macrobiotic food in first place,” Nishimura said. “But during his film production he deserved meat. Madonna and the kids sometimes have some, too.”

Nishimura also shared what some of Madonna’s favorite food is, saying: “She has a soup as a starter and as a main vegetables. That’s all. Her favourite dish is the inside-out avocado roll and she loves Quinoa.”

Additionally, Madonna eats fruits, but she is not a fan of tropical fruits. Instead, she prefers to things that can be found seasonally and locally.

Another part of Madonna’s unique diet consists of eating six small meals throughout the day instead of three big ones like most people. According to her trainer, Smith, this habit actually is good for her intense workouts because it “boost her metabolism and maintain her energy throughout the day.”

Madonna indulges on pizza and fries

When Madonna wants to take a break from her strict diet, she can be found cheating with some fatty comfort food.

In an interview with Us Weekly, she said: “My most fattening indulgence is either pizza or french fries. Or potato chips, actually. Love them all.”

However, she did say in another instance that she does not “eat as much pizza as everybody else,” so it’s safe to say that she does not give in to her cravings all that often.