David Guetta Daily Routine

Pierre David Guetta (born 7 November 1967) is a French DJ, record producer and songwriter.

‘I wake up, take my breakfast, go to the gym, have lunch, and start to work,’ he said. ‘Then in the evening, I take the plane and go to do a show, and after the show go to bed. It takes extra effort but I’m a very driven person.’

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While he’s shared many of his hit tunes with the world – including everything from ‘I Gotta Feeling’ to ‘When Love Takes Over’ and is often surrounded by partygoers getting drunk and raving to his tunes, David Guetta is quite the opposite.

Speaking to Hindustan Times in 2014, he revealed how he lives a very clean lifestyle and when asked to disclose a side no one knows him, he simply replied: ‘I don’t drink or smoke.’

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The older you get, the more work it is to keep your body in good condition.

“My lifestyle was always healthy but I’m not in my 20s anymore, so even if you’re healthy but you’re not extra healthy, then something not good is going to happen. You just have to work harder.”

I’ve been on this crazy routine and diet for four months.

“And it’s working! But it’s crazy because I was not training for like two years, and in four months I can really, really tell the difference. It’s spectacular. So I’m happy – it’s motivating to see results.”

My goal is body recomposition.

“I’m just maintaining my weight but getting more muscular and losing fat. I’m not trying to be a big guy, I just want to be defined and stronger. I do weight training for 45 mins to an hour, four times a week. Then I do cardio three times a week for 30 mins: twice a week I do spinning on an exercise bike at home, and sometimes I just walk on an incline at around 130bpm. And I try to swim out in Ibiza whenever I can.”

It’s not about being hungry, it’s about eating lots of good stuff.

“I’m speaking to a guy in Los Angeles called Philip Goglia – he’s trained a lot of the Marvel actors – who’s telling me what to eat and I’m just obeying. It’s funny because before speaking to him I was trying to get leaner and he said that I was not eating enough. He was like, if you’re going to train hard you need more food and carbs, because I was trying to cut carbs too much.”

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I eat four main meals and two snacks a day.

“It’s mostly proteins, a small amount of carbs three times a day, lots of vegetables, fruits three times a day, and absolutely zero other types of sugar. And lots of healthy fats like avocado, nuts, salmon, sea bass… No sauce, eating only with olive oil. Basic stuff really, but it works.”

Like my song ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’, I’m extreme in everything I do.

“I’ll be honest, I’m more a work hard than a play hard, but from time to time of course I need to let go. But I have to say that since I started training, I’ve found it a very good source for escaping. I could go out, have fun, have a drink, but I could also get this by having a boxing session or something. It sounds a little weird and nerdy but it’s true.”

If you’re trying to pursue your passion, the tip is not to have a work-life balance.

“I know it doesn’t sound very good but if you’re doing something that a lot of people want to do, then the only way to make it is to work harder than other people. That’s why you should choose something you love because that’s the only way to be crazy enough to work that hard. Then later, when you’re blessed enough that you can live out your passion, you can start to think of balance. But I didn’t think about balance before I was probably 40.”


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