Prince Harry Daily Routine

Prince Harry (born 15 September 1984) is a member of the British royal family.


According to health coach Amanda Place, “Harry [may have] the most varied diet with the most fruit and vegetables. Meghan Markle, his health-conscious wife may be contributing to this.

“They have rarely been spotted with fast food, preferring instead, healthier foods like kale and green smoothies. Conversely, Prince William appears to opt for more traditional dishes like steak or roast chicken and is known to have a sweet tooth for the royal favourite, chocolate biscuit cake.”

“Harry’s move to California may have influenced his diet for the better. Since moving overseas, he appears to have ditched consuming popular junk food items like pizza and has adopted a diet consisting of high protein, minimal sugar, and plenty of fruit and vegetables.”

According to Men’s Health, for Harry’s wedding diet, not only were the carbs low but meat was also off the table. “The anonymous source said that Prince Harry has been almost completely cutting out carbohydrates, except for quinoa and fruits and vegetables.”

Workout and Sport

Since making the move to the USA, Prince Harry has been playing polo at a professional level and has been hitting the gym hard, according to a report.

British player Millie Hine, who knows members of Prince Harry’s Los Padres team, told the Daily Mail Harry has been training four times a week and going to the gym most days to keep up with the other pro players.

Family Time

Harry makes spending time with his family a top priority. The foursome will enjoy dinner together, they’ll play, take walks, and read, and Harry and Meghan will often spend some quality time together, just kicking back and relaxing.