Justin Trudeau Daily Routine

Justin Pierre James Trudeau PC MP (born December 25, 1971) is a Canadian politician who served as the 23rd prime minister of Canada.

No coffee

Coffee Latte Art
Coffee is overrated. 
Taylor Franz / Unsplash

The fact that Trudeau doesn’t drink coffee is shocking because Tim Horton’s is the lifeblood of many Canadians. However, coffee can spike your cholesterol, ruin the quality of your sleep, and stain your teeth. Looks like by cutting out coffee, Trudeau has stayed healthy and perfected his pearly whites.

Beer over wine

Beer has lots of vitamin E. 
Sydney Kramer

Preferring beer over wine might be a strategic choice in maintaining Trudeau’s appearance. There is science to suggest that rinsing your hair with beer will give you fuller and thicker hair, which could account for Trudeau’s glamorous locks. Beer also has a high potency of Vitamin E which maintains healthy skin and can slow down the aging process. This might explain JT’s clear complexion.

Eat Asian-style cuisine

iza asian
Sushi has high quality proteins. 
Sandra F./Foursquare

Trudeau’s favorite food is Asian food and his favourite restaurant is Sakura Gardens in Montreal. According to their website, Sakura Gardens is an authentic Japanese sushi restaurant. Sushi involves high quality proteins that can boost metabolism and strengthen the immune system and could be the reason that Trudeau stays so fit.

Use food to give back

food bank St. Ignatius Food Pantry Illinois
A volunteer at a food pantry. 

Trudeau understands that, despite being a necessity, good food is not equally accessible to everyone.  In response, he has volunteered his time at food banks to help individuals in need and bring people together through food. I’m not saying his philanthropic work has improved his looks… but I’ve never seen a bad-looking sorority girl.

Appreciate the diversity and culture within Canadian food

justin trudeau
There’s no typical Canadian food. 
Reuters/Chris Wattie

While dining with American Top Chef, Kristen Kish, JT talked about the diversity and culture within Canadian cuisine. He said, “What we have in Canada is an amazing diversity, but it really comes out in our food. And its a challenge to try and fall into what is typical Canadian food because, well, there’s no typical Canadian.” He also noted the importance of talking to locals when looking for food recommendations while traveling across Canada. Trudeau’s words indicate an appreciation for, and deep understanding of, Canada’s regions and their respective, unique cuisines. Brains and cultural awareness is sexy.


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