Jude Law Daily Routine

David Jude Heyworth Law (born 29 December 1972) is an English actor.


Law doesn’t start eating until midday, effectively intermittent fasting on the daily. On occasion, he’ll extend the fast for specific shoots. For example, during production on Two Pope, Silmon had Law fast for 36 hours, then introduce carbs at the very end so he popped during the scenes in his Speedo.

Jude Law In Talks To Play Captain Hook In Disney's Live-Action Peter Pan  Movie – Deadline

That wasn’t necessary on The Rhythm Section. The status quo for Law was eating a clean-protein diet with an emphasis on fish (red meat occasionally), plenty of vegetables, and around three liters of water. In order to put on mass, they’d periodically add a protein shake on top of Law’s meals, but they didn’t go crazy over the macros so long as long as his energy levels were good.

‘I love restricting what I’m eating, like really starving myself and only drinking water and eating like pulses and vegetables. And then I love excessive banquets, trying different types of foods and wines. I mean, we’re only here once, right?’

Meditation and Yoga

For Law, the recovery methods that work the best for him are simple yet effective, like his eating habits. Try setting aside time in your training day for meditation and yoga to loosen your body and clear your mind after a maximum effort workout (like the one we’ve outlined above).


Female First has a great interview with one of Jude Law’s trainers, and it gives us some insight on his normal training (or rather, the lack thereof), and his work ethic.

They immediately start off by telling us this about Law’s level of fitness prior to the training for Repo Men:

– What sort of shape was Jude in before you started working with him – were you worried in any way?

Jude was not in good shape at all but I had no concerns about training him. Everyone has the ability to be ‘fit’. They just need to be shown the way. Jude was dedicated from day one.

It is easy to work with someone who has his level of dedication. Jude is a professional.

The Workout Jude Law Used to Bulk Up for 'The Rhythm Section'

Lisa Twight, Jude Law’s trainer, and the trainer who famously programmed the 300 Workout, immediately touches upon Law’s hard work.

The conversation continues with:

– You worked with him for a good four months so can you talk about the regime that you put him through – the types of exercises or equipment and how they help build certain aspects of his fitness?

In my opinion the physical training is secondary to the psychological changes that occur when someone really trains for something and doesn’t simply show up and work out.

Working out is just picking stuff up and putting it down. It is simple. You can use Kettlebells, a rower or bodyweight exercises and it just doesn’t matter. What really matters is the effort and mindset that go into the program.

To be meaningful training must challenge a person’s self imposed limitations. Equipment and exercise selection is a secondary concern.

– And what was Jude like to work with? And how much input did Jude have to the type of work that you would do?

Jude was one of the most dedicated athletes I have ever worked with. I use the word athlete because he was trained as one. As I said before Jude is a professional.

He trusted the process. He trusted me implicitly and treated the training like a job. He did everything we asked of him without question.


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