Karim Benzema Daily Routine

Karim Benzema (born 19 December 1987) is a French professional footballer.


Benzema, who has always kept a close eye on his diet and even changed his chef a while back as he believed his old cook made dishes that were too greasy, has been helped by the food cooked Real Madrid kitchen staff and both he and the club are experiencing the benefits. The visible effect this has is that the muscles are drier and weigh less making him more explosive than ever.

The striker follows dietary advice from the Real Madrid medical team as well as his nutritionists and while his mother’s couscous is his favourite dish, it is an occasional luxury. He can also count on the services of a home cook, the chef Alberto Mastromatteo, which concocts dishes without fat.  For a while, the athlete also follows a diet based on microalgae (spirulina), a vegetable protein ultra-concentrated in nutrients and low in calories, which is “seven times greater than a tenderloin of beef”. This should ensure the number 19 Les Bleus attacker to do new prowess on the ground and lead his team to victory.


Based on his Instagram posts, on his return to Real Madrid while still on holiday, Benzema gave football fans an inspiring glimpse of his training, beginning with easy workouts and that is all the motivation we need to get up and hit the gym. Taking to his social media handle, the French striker shared a video where he was seen donning a casual orange T-shirt teamed with a pair of black shorts and a pair of white sneakers as he faced a picturesque seascape while exercising.

Jumping on a skipping rope, Benzema showed amazing coordination as he got his cardio done under the sky and inspired us for a full-body workout. Even if you do not want to go to the gym, aim for a healthier lifestyle by skipping on a rope at home as the cardio exercise burns many calories in a short time and is a full body workout.


The secret recipe to success for Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Karim Benzema? Regularly eating seaweed.

Despite being deep into their 30s, the global superstars are still thriving at the highest levels of the game.


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