Shakira Daily Routine

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll (born 2 February 1977), known mononymously as Shakira, is a Colombian singer and songwriter.

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Shakira works out six days a week.

Shakira’s trainer and good friend Anna Kaiser has told multiple publications about the artist’s fitness routine ahead of her once-in-a-lifetime performance. “Every day is different because I want to make sure I’m preparing her not just for the Super Bowl, but for each day as it comes,” she told E! News. Her workout changes depending on the physical demands of the workday ahead. “Yesterday she had a really long dance rehearsal in the afternoon, so we just focused on an hour of pure strength in the morning,” Kaiser said. “[Some days] she has even longer days of physical dance rehearsals, so she just started with something very short: 20 minutes.”

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And she’s constantly switching it up.

Other days, when she has the time, she does more intense workouts specifically programmed by Kaiser for her fitness studio, AKT. They can be anything from sports conditioning to dance intervals to HIIT or circuit classes. “It is really important both for your mind and your body to consistently switch up your workouts so that you keep your head in the game, you don’t get bored, and you have a workout that’s going to work for you that day for what you need to accomplish that day,” Kaiser said. She added that Shakira works out six days a week and rests on Sundays.

For Shakira, listening to Green Day helps her get pumped up to do just that. “Shakira’s committed to fitness and wellness, and not just to be in shape for a specific event,” Kaiser told the New York Post. “But so that she can continue to perform injury-free into her 40s and stay healthy.” In November 2018, she wrapped her El Dorado World Tour, which spanned 22 countries and garnered approximately a million guests (she postponed the entire tour due to a vocal cord injury in November 2017).

Another pro fitness tip Shakira stands by is wearing an activity tracker. “Knowing if your body is changing, if you’re getting results, and how hard you’re working in class is super important,” Kaiser told Shape.

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She keeps her phone turned off until her morning routine is complete.

This is a daily practice also inspired by her trainer. “Kaiser doesn’t let me turn on my phone until I finish my workout and spend time with my kids,” the mom of two said in an Instagram video. Kaiser told E! News it’s not an easy task for her to accomplish.

“It’s not just the Super Bowl,” she said. “She’s filming new music videos, she’s coming out with new music, she’s still really involved with her philanthropy schools in Colombia. There are just so many things happening at one time. Plus she’s a mom, she has kids and she wants to spend time with them too. There’s just not enough hours in a day. So we have to refocus. Refocus, realign, and find ways to try to be present.”

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She eats small, fresh, healthy meals throughout the day.

Kaiser has discussed Shakira’s pre-Super Bowl diet with a few different outlets, sharing various options that follow the same basic plan: small, nutrient-rich meals keep her fueled throughout the day. Right now, she’s eliminating sugar and dairy, but overall, even when it’s not crunch-time, Kaiser told E! News that the singer is usually great about eating in moderation.


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