Taika Waititi Daily Routine

Taika Waititi (born 16 August 1975) is a New Zealand filmmaker, actor, and comedian.

On being a father

Waititi said, “It’s just better than anything. You have these little things, these little creatures, who just want to hang out with you and play. They want to give you cuddles and to be your friend. In New Zealand, our bullshit meters are very sensitive, and so, coming to America, you’re like, I don’t trust anyone. So to have these two people who are just genuine, who when they try to trick you, it’s just to get ice cream—you know? That’s it.”

On being around other people

Taika Waititi has admitted that he doesn’t like being around people, as he finds it ‘draining’.

Contrastingly Taika, 46, told how he’s more ‘creative’ when he’s surrounded by life, revealing he doesn’t like things when it’s too ‘quiet’. 

Taika goes on to say that despite his issues with being around new people, he does work better when he’s surrounded by others.

He said: ‘When there’s life around me, I feel more creative. If it’s quiet, it feels like school. For me, the more stimulus, the better.’ 


He explained: ‘I do miss the feeling where I was excited to wake up and write. So much of what I do now is associated with deadlines and with people wanting something from me. And then it starts to feel like you’re just sitting in traffic waiting to go to work.’

With much success in his professional life, Taika’s love life is also going swimmingly, with his relationship with Rita Ora going from strength to strength. 

Sleeping routine

In October, Jimmy Kimmel discussed his sleep routine, resulting in Waititi pretending to take a nap right there on the late-night show stage.

“Finally! A place where all the photos can live,” the director tweeted of the naptiti account. “There are more out there too. People with Taika sleeping photos must come forward. This is a safe space.”


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