Travis Scott Daily Routine

Travis Scott (born April 30, 1991) is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer.


Scott’s go-to meal is a Quarter Pounder with cheese and bacon, medium fries served with barbecue sauce and a Sprite.

When asked about his favourite meal, he responded with “Peanut butter and jelly,”.

“I am a master peanut butter and jelly maker,” Kylie Jenner said in an interview as Scott nodded. “He’s not just saying that, like I really am the best.”

“Yeah, it’s like facts,” Scott responds. “It’s the way that the crust is cut off.”

Scott has specific preferences for his ideal peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which includes using a certain type of white bread that he won’t reveal, a precise ratio of smooth peanut butter to grape jelly, and a diagonal cut. He also insists on a perfectly crustless sandwich.

“I take it really serious,” Jenner says.

“Real serious,” Scott affirms. “It’s a real meal. It’s something I request personally some nights before night night.”


Although Travis Scott hits the gym almost every day, there is not a lot that can be found on the internet about his detailed workout routine.

Travis Scott loves to do weight training with his fellow rappers in the gym.

His workout routine includes limited cardio exercises. This is because his live onstage performances require him to dance and move on the stage all the time.