Aaron Rodgers Daily Routine

Aaron Charles Rodgers (born December 2, 1983) is an American football quarterback.


Rodgers told Pat McAfee that there are a few dietary elements he’s completely cut from his diet to help his body. Rodgers said, “Cutting gluten, and probably most importantly for me and my own blood type, dairy, out of my diet has really made a difference in my body.”

He went on to add that, “It’s just changed the way my joints respond. It’s changed the way my skin and body respond. I don’t feel bloated all the time, I don’t feel kind of slow and foggy.” 

His diet includes “red meat at times and some chicken”.


In 2022, it was reported that he finished a 12-day cleanse involving butter, laxatives, and abstaining from sugar, sex, and alcohol.


Rodgers is one of the fittest quarterbacks in the league, keeping himself in shape with a rock-solid core workout—which he detailed for Men’s Fitness—as well as weightlifting, squats, TRX moves, and yoga. All that hard work is why Rodgers can do amazing things like toss game-winning Hail Mary touchdowns and hit his targets 60 yards away in practice:


He’s also mastered the mental aspect of the football. He’s been able to do this by establishing two habits: engaging in reading and meditation. He says it gives you the ability to “quiet your mind.”


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