Alec Baldwin Daily Routine

Alexander Rae Baldwin III (born April 3, 1958) is an American actor, writer, comedian, film producer, and political activist.

“I started juicing—green juices, cashew milk—and just trying to eliminate sugar as much as possible.”

Less is more: Alec Baldwin, 62, shared that lockdown had 'taught me that we need less in our lives' in a tweet Sunday following the controversy over his wife Hilaria's invented Spanish heritage; seen together in March in NYC

Around October 2019, Baldwin also appeared on Extra, which his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, was hosting. He shared how he changed his diet because he was “pre-diabetic.”

“I started juicing in the morning—I don’t eat breakfast,” he said. “I wanted to lose weight, I was pre-diabetic, and I didn’t want to shoot insulin… Green juices, cashew milk… Trying to eliminate sugar as much as possible.”

According to a book by his wife Hilaria:

When Hilaria Baldwin met Alec, his health was in trouble.

“His cup was close to the brim,” Hilaria, 32, writes in her new book, The Living Clearly Method. “His cup was so full that his body couldn’t metabolize even a bite or two of sugar without causing insulin disruption, and this was leading him dangerously close to a chronic disease.”

Hilaria says she made a mental note whenever Alec, 58, ate something bad for him, but didn’t bring it up his habits because the two had just started dating.

“After years of eating out, eating late, and eating too much, he’d fallen into some bad habits without realizing it,” she says. “His sugar intake was far too high, not just due to sweet foods and white carbs, but to pasta, sauces with hidden sugars, and snacks. I quietly watched what he ate, only mentally jotting down my secret wish list of what I’d tell him if he asked.”

She finally got her opportunity when a trip to the doctor revealed that Alec’s blood sugar was “at pre-diabetic levels,” requiring an immediate revamp of his diet.


Alec Baldwin in 2011, left, and in 2016

“This was an alarming wake-up call that rocked him to the core,” she says.

Alec cut out all pastas, bread and refined carbohydrates; sauces, like “his beloved sweet-and-sour Chinese sauce, a sugar-fest;” and even fruits.

“This was a moment for drastically putting order where disorder had taken over; his body chemistry couldn’t rebalance until the aggravating foods and drinks were removed,” Hilaria explains.

Together, Alec and Hilaria ate healthy meals and started working out every day, which helped him lose “a lot of weight,” plus restore his body chemistry and blood sugar to a normal level.

“This episode completely changed his relationship to eating,” Hilaria says. “By hitting a crisis point, he gained a new perspective on some of the unhelpful habits that became his normal without realizing it.”

According to an interview with Howard Stern, Alec Baldwin does 100 pushups every day thanks to Pete Davidson:

Pete Davidson’s recollection of it: