Anthony Bourdain Daily Routine

Anthony Bourdain (June 25, 1956 – June 8, 2018) was an American celebrity chef, author, and travel documentarian who starred in programs focusing on the exploration of international culture, cuisine, and the human condition.

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Anthony Bourdain’s diet was varied and included a wide range of foods. He was known for being adventurous in his food choices and trying new and unusual dishes. Bourdain did not follow any specific diet plan and did not restrict himself from eating any particular foods. He did, however, prioritize healthy and balanced meals, often incorporating vegetables and lean proteins into his diet.


Anthony Bourdain was a fan of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and practiced the martial art regularly. He trained several times a week and credited his workouts with helping him stay fit and healthy. Bourdain also engaged in other forms of physical activity such as running and cycling, and enjoyed outdoor activities like hiking and surfing.


Anthony Bourdain’s morning routine varied depending on his work schedule and location. He typically started his day with a cup of coffee and spent some time checking emails and catching up on the news. He also made time for breakfast, which he often ate at a local diner or café.


Bourdain typically had a busy schedule and often ate lunch on the go. He enjoyed trying new restaurants and foods, and would often stop at local food stalls or markets to sample local dishes.


In the evenings, Anthony Bourdain would relax and unwind after a long day of work. He enjoyed spending time with friends and family, and often spent his evenings cooking and enjoying good food and drink. Bourdain also made time for personal hobbies and interests, such as reading and writing.