Benjamin Netanyahu Daily Routine

Benjamin Netanyahu (born 21 October 1949) is an Israeli politician serving as Prime Minister of Israel since 2009, and previously from 1996 to 1999.

Between long days dealing with bureaucrats and the stress of running a country, politicians face an uphill battle when it comes to staying healthy. Even though they have to lift up the weight of the world, these politicians somehow found a way to stay healthy. Which is great, because as public figures they have a huge amount of influence on the healthy of their country. Benjamin Netanyahu is a politician who has managed to stay healthy and fit, and promotes fitness in Israel. Below is their fitness profile:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel

  • Asked his ministers to “stop overeating, start exercising,” encouraging many to slim down
  • Instructed that healthier fare be offered during cabinet meetings
  • Dropped 5 kg (11 lbs) by maintaining a balanced diet with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables
  • Snacks on lettuce and carrots during meetings
  • Jogs twice a week on a treadmill
  • Walks a lot