Brad Pitt Daily Routine

William Bradley “Brad” Pitt (born December 18, 1963) is an American actor and film producer.

Here are 15 things Brad Pitt does to stay in the best shape possible.

15 Dynamic Warmup

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According to GQ, Pitt isn’t rushing into workouts and instead, he’s using a dynamic warmup prior to getting started.

The goal of a dynamic warmup is to get the mind and muscle connection, not to mention, getting the joints nice and flexible prior to a workout. This is especially essential for more experienced trainees like Brad, sometimes it takes an older engine a little longer to get going.

14 Flexibility Exercises

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Especially during his role in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, it was important for Pitt to work on his flexibility, especially given the action involved in some of the scenes.

Given the information from his trainer via GQ magazine, Brad did a lot of flexibility work on route to his MMA style training.

13 Carbs Aren’t The Enemy

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Pitt is viewed as a hard gainer, meaning it takes a little longer for the actor to gain both fat and muscle. That said, he uses carbs as both an energy source along with a way to build muscle, especially for some roles that require the Hollywood star to look fit.

He starts his morning off with carbs typically, relying on a nice bowl of oats alongside his eggs.

12 Cut Down Alcohol

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He sat down for an interview with GQ, detailing some of the biggest changes in his life since parting ways with ex wife, Angelina Jolie.

Pitt admitted that times were tough early on, though he’s in a better place today – especially when it comes to his shape and mental health. A lot of that has to do with some big changes, like for one, cutting down on alcoholic beverages.

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11 Cranberry Juice And Fizzy Water To Cut Cravings

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When sitting down with GQ, Pitt was asked what he does to cut down any cravings in relation to alcohol, Pitt admitted his go-to drink in doing so is fizzy water mixed in with a little touch of cranberry juice.

The tactic seems to be working wonders for Pitt, who appears to be in the right frame of mind these days.

10 Isolates Body Parts Per Workout

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Unlike some of his fellow Hollywood enthusiasts, who take part in full-body workouts, Brad prefers to hit a single muscle at once.

He’ll usually distribute his weight training days to five per week, hitting a different body part every day on his training days.

9 Doesn’t Shy Away From Eggs

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Given his Fight Club diet, it is quite clear that Brad doesn’t shy away from eggs when he’s in full diet mode.

His breakfast features seven yolks, along with multiple egg whites as well. Unlike other celebs, Brad doesn’t believe in going fasted in the morning, instead, he chooses to fuel his body to start the day with lots of fats and protein.

8 Martial Arts Training

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Depending on the role, Pitt will always alter his training regimen.

During filming for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, not only did he train for a lean physique as a stuntman but he also took on MMA training, in order to fully thrive in his combat scene – which ironically, was not filled in by a stunt-double, but Brad himself.

7 Lots Of Conditioning

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According to his Fight Club training routine, Pitt would spend two separate days during his workout schedule on intense conditioning, which usually featured lengthy cardio sessions.

We assume he used a similar tactic for One Upon A Time In Hollywood, it seriously appeared as though he aged in reverse both during and after the film.

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6 Bodybuilding Style

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When he’s lifting weights, Pitt isn’t using a Cross Fit style or anything of the sort.

He’s all about bodybuilding movements, which strictly aid in the building of muscle and is all about aesthetics, what most Hollywood stars are training for to begin with during certain films.

5 Rest Days Are Key

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It can’t be go-go all the time and Brad Pitt knows that. Despite his crazy training schedule, both conditioning, and weight training, he does also put a big emphasis on rest days.

That gives his physique a chance to heal itself and properly build and repair. It is also vital in terms of giving himself a mental break, most importantly.

4 Lean Proteins Only

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When it comes to dinner options, according to Bro Bible, Brad is all about lean protein sources such as chicken, tuna and other types of lean fish.

Protein is absolutely essential in any type of Hollywood diet, it aids in both the building and the repairing, primarily after putting the body through a rigorous workout.

3 Changes Rep Ranges

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According to Bro Bible, Pitt is also active when it comes to changing his rep ranges. When he’s trying to cut down for a role, he’ll usually use lighter weights along with high reps but fewer sets.

The opposite holds true when he’s in a gaining phase for a role; that’ll feature more sets and a little fewer reps than usual.

2 Protein Shakes

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Protein shakes are, of course, another commonality in Brad Pitt’s diet. Supplements are an easy way to do exactly that, supplement a need you aren’t getting enough of.

Protein shakes are an easy way to boost up the protein intake, without having to constantly sit down and eat a chicken breast, piece of fish or eggs.

1 Yoga

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GQ stated that Brad Pitt also used a bit of yoga when training during Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. The biggest purpose was to aid in his mindfulness, along with improving his flexibility and breathing patterns.

It all worked well for Brad Pitt, who literally aged in reverse while getting in shape for his Oscar-winning role.