Colin Farrell Daily Routine

Colin Farrell (born 31 May 1976) is an Irish actor.


Farrell’s generally does 90 minutes sessions in the gym with a range of different weightlifting exercises. He dreads the idea of treadmill workouts but likes the runners high after the job’s done.

According to Farrell’s training partner:

Farrell kept his workouts varied. This is a typical 90min session, however, variety was at the heart of his regime – so feel free to swap out certain moves and play around with sets and reps. “We wanted to keep challenging his body,” says Novakovic. “To keep developing, it was important that he never knew quite what to expect next.


Colin Farrell doesn’t generally diet. According to the actor, in order to prepare for the movie “Triage”, he pretty much lived on black coffee, Diet Coke and two tins of tuna a day.


Farrell enjoys reading books, listening to music, and also, he considers acting as his hobby. He loves soccer. Colin Farrell has revealed his number one ambition as a teenager was to line out for Dublin soccer club Shamrock Rovers.