Devin Booker Daily Routine

Devin Booker (born October 30, 1996) is an American professional basketball player.


Devin Booker said that advice he got from Kobe Bryant early in his career motivated him to improve his diet, which he says has led to more durability on the court.

The Phoenix Suns‘ star guard told Insider that he used to follow a diet that included a lot of fast food, especially his favorite chicken from the fast-food chain Raising Cane’s.

“My diet hasn’t always been the best. I would gravitate towards fried food like chicken fingers and have my favorite fast-food restaurants lined up on my Postmates,” Booker said.

But a few years into his career, Booker said Bryant gave him tips on how to be a top NBA player, which inspired him to revamp his diet and lifestyle to help stay healthy.

Now Booker said he works with a private chef and incorporates whole grainscomplex carbs, and lean proteins into his meals.

Still, every once in a while, Booker will treat himself to Raising Cane’s as a cheat meal, he said.

Booker also said he admires the career longevity of his teammate and 36-year-old NBA veteran Chris Paul, who follows a vegan diet. Booker said that at some point later in his career he would consider switching to a vegan diet himself.

“Coconut water has checked off so many boxes for me when it comes to meeting performance goals. The taste is not only great, but it’s incredible to be able to replenish with that many electrolytes,” Booker said.


“I try to get eight. But it varies. No less than five though. My problem is I play videogames very late at night, so that usually cuts into my sleep time. I’m usually asleep at 1, wake up at 8.”


“I do [take vitamins]. They’re tailored to me, prescribed by our team: just an advanced probiotic, vitamin C packs, and that’s pretty much it. Vitamin D once a week.”


“We have a shootaround at 10 a.m., which is like game-day prep. We go in there and we go over the plays of what ever team we’re playing against that day and just get a few shots up, get the blood flowing early in the morning. That’s usually an hour, from 10 to 11. Around 11:30, I get on my LightStim bed. It’s an infrared light bed. I sit on that for usually 40 minutes: 20 on my back, 20 on my face. The infrared sauna is next in my game-day routine, usually 15 minutes. During that time, I’m usually listening to reggae music. Then right at noon is what we call my pre-game snack. It’s usually something lighter, just try to get some fuel in the body before I go play. After my snack, it’s a one-hour nap. I’ll turn everything off in my room, light a candle and sit in the bed and try focusing on my breathing and separating myself from the madness that’s been going on that day.”

Pre-game pump up

“Usually music. I block everything out on the outside and really just focus on the task at hand. That’s the biggest thing about my routine, trying to stay focused with so much other stuff going on.”