Doja Cat Daily Routine

Doja Cat (born October 21, 1995)is an American rapper and singer.


She exercises frequently and schedules particular toning sessions. Additionally, she engages in cardio exercises like running, cycling, and dancing. Doja Cat also takes part in live performances and enjoys dancing, both of which increase her caloric consumption.

In an Instagram Live, she revealed that she does four sets of various exercises, including upper body lifting and weights, as well as jump squats and kettlebell squats. She enjoys working on her lower body, but has struggled with upper body exercises due to her naturally “noodle arms.”


Doja Cat started eating healthier meals in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Previously, she avoided alcohol and junk food. She began eating more plant-based meals and increasing her intake of foods high in protein in order to lose weight.

For lunch, she frequently opts for salmon and veggies before switching to steak or chicken for supper. She likes to drink juices, which are a great way to get lots of nutrients throughout the day. Fruit and vegetable juices, which are a big component of Doja Cat’s diet, are her favourites to drink.


Breakfast is two eggs and bread.

Lunch consists of salad and salmon or tuna.

For dinner, have coffee and seaweed chips.

Dinner will be salads, spinach, and chicken steak.
Doja Cat mostly followed this food plan.