Ethan Hawke Daily Routine

Ethan Green Hawke (born November 6, 1970) is an American actor, director, and screenwriter.

From a 2021 interview with the Guardian on writing:

How are your books organised?
Really poorly. It is a source of much trouble to me. When I was younger I had a bookcase full of the books I liked – James Baldwin and Salinger and Mark Twain. I have grownup kids now, I have a 19-year-old and a 22-year-old who are reading, and they steal all my books and I can’t find anything. If I had a magic elf I’d have them rearrange everything alphabetically.

How did lockdown change your reading habits?
My reading habits have been demolished by an acting career and children. If we were best friends, the thing I’d confess to you, a thing that really hurts, is how few books I read. And it has decreased in recent years, because I have so many scripts that people want me to read. Every time I want to open up a novel, I’m haunted by the fact that I haven’t read those four scripts that my friends sent me. So lockdown has enabled me to do some reading for pleasure.

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From a 2007 independent article:

After working in the movie Fast Food Nation, the actor became more cautious about his food consumption. Hawke no longer eats fast food. He has tried but has been unable to sustain a vegetarian diet.

“I’ve been trying very hard for the last five years,” he sighs, “and sometimes I succeed.” His mother, whom he refers to constantly throughout our interview, is a committed vegetarian.

“She has a joke that she always says at dinner, which is, ‘Are you vegetarian yet?’, because she believes that by the time my children are grown up, basically everybody will be one.”

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He’s not obsessed in going to gyms to exercise and then posting workout selfies. It’s not just his style. He’s more of exercising the natural way, like by running and playing sports. He enjoys outdoor activities like trekking and hiking and for him these should be enough to give his body the workout it needs.