Jennifer Coolidge Daily Routine

Jennifer Coolidge (born August 28, 1961) is an American actress.

Diet during covid

“I just didn’t want to be on camera that fat because of my excessive eating during COVID,” the 60-year-old told Page Six at the Gotham Awards on Monday night at Cipriani Wall Street.

Coolidge admits that she gained the weight because “I thought we were all going to die, I really did, so I was just eating myself to death. Vegan pizzas, sometimes five or six in a day.”

“It was COVID, [I was] locked up with this very nice girl that I knew in New Orleans. It was just very lonely times…and so she and I got obsessed with these vegan pizzas and we were eating a lot of them each day. The number kept increasing, You can sort of numb out any worry you have in the world if you just eat another pizza.”

Personal life

Jennifer Coolidge has said her iconic role as Stifler’s mom in “American Pie” opened her dating pool to “younger” and more “handsome” men.

“It helped my dating life in a way that I can’t ever explain,” Coolidge said of “American Pie”, after being asked about her favorite roles over her career and namechecking “Best in Show” and “Legally Blonde.”

“If I hadn’t had that movie, I don’t think… Well, let’s just say it would’ve been a very dull decade.”