Mia Goth Daily Routine

Mia Goth (born 30 November 1993) is an English actress.


“With skin and beauty, it always starts from within. So I try to eat very healthy. Obviously, I like a pizza and a bourbon at times, but it’s important to have a balance. I think it’s always a good idea to mix a burger with some greens. And I pretty much only drink water.”


Goth is a keen runner. In 2020 she was seen showing off her toned physique while out running, wearing a grey workout ensemble and black trainers. 

The Survivalist‘ Preparation

Goth threw herself into the role with grim intensity, pushing herself to physical extremes. “I lived on a very strict diet because food wasn’t in abundance,” she explains. “My body had to reflect that. I had a boiled egg in the morning, some nuts later on and I would just walk. Every day I would just pack my bag and start walking through the beaches and the forest. I didn’t wash my body, hair, clothes or anything for the entirety of the shoot.”


I always start by washing my face in the evenings. I have a really nice Sisley exfoliator. I love Sisley. I have a lot of stuff from them: toner, serum, night cream. And then in the morning, same thing, plus sun cream and day cream.


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