Selena Gomez Daily Routine

Selena Marie (born July 22, 1992) is an American singer, actress and producer.


According to her trainer, “Last year on Selena’s revival tour, I made sure the dressing room always had veggies and protein and brown rice or whole grains,”

“I made a lot of rice bowls with veggies, protein, and avocado for Selena. It helped give her energy and stamina, which she needed to get through her shows. I also made healthy chicken salad with grapes and celery—it quenched her thirst and the protein filled her up. We always drank lots of water and had green tea when we needed a pick me up—it sure was exhausting at times.” 

She likes to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.


“The workouts change daily on purpose. But I always incorporate some yoga and stretching into my day. I try and aim for 30 minutes of cardio at least four to six times a week. I do [resistance training] and stretching about six days a week,”