Robert Lewandowski Daily Routine

Robert Lewandowski (born 21 August 1988) is a Polish professional footballer.

Pre Match Routine

“I’m often on the road and sleep in hotels,” he told GQ Germany. “So I always focus on the pillow I have in my room. It’s not too hard or too soft, as sometimes they’re too big or too small.

“Because if you sleep well, you’re better prepared for the game.

“[My pillow] is a healthy pillow. It adapts perfectly to your body, to your head. That means that no matter how heavy or light you are, the pillow always fits perfectly.”

He likes to start the day with a cup of coffee – but not just any brew. Lewandowski has his own brand, RL9 Coffee, whose tagline is “Success starts with coffee”, which the player says is his “cup of power which I share willingly”.

Diet and Workout

Lewandowski married Anna Stachurska, a karate World Cup bronze medallist, in 2013. Mrs Lewandowski is a well-known sports nutritionist, with a website, blog, books, DVDs and more than 4.1 million Instagram followers.

As well as cutting out cow’s milk and soya milk, the fitness fanatics rarely imbibe alcohol and have massively reduced their consumption of fatty and sugary foods.

She told Bild: “The most important thing is training and nutrition. We refrain from lactose and wheat flour. It’s about quality food.

“Pancakes, brownies, vegetable spaghetti, porridge or millet. We also like to eat high-quality fish.

“Sometimes after training we drink beetroot juice with cinnamon or cayenne pepper. When we mix many foods at once, sometimes we aren’t doing the right thing.

“We feel bloated, have to loosen our trousers. The mix is ​​too much for our body.”

Tom Williams in Bleacher Report. wrote: “So successful was Lewandowski’s approach to nutrition and fitness that at Dortmund he was nicknamed ‘The Body’ by his admiring teammates.”

Former Dortmund teammate Nuri Sahin said: “Lewy has the most incredible body, it’s just pure muscles. It stuns the other players in the changing room.”

As well as striker specific drills at Bayern, the forward also partakes in high-intensity workouts which focused on explosive power.

Not only does he enjoy weightlifting and kickboxing with his wife, Lewandowski works out at his home gym.

“We’ve got a gym at home and I use it on my days off, usually with my wife Anna,” he told an interviewer.

“Sometimes I do special exercises to work on my concentration, which is very important for a striker. And I need strength in order to compete against powerful defenders.”

Sweet tooth

Robert used to have a “sweet tooth,” but no longer. “I don’t have a strict diet where I have to eat 100g of this, 200g of that, but before I had a problem with sweet things so I cut them out completely.”

Robert Lewandowski was once a scrawny teenager who was told by his coach to eat more bacon, but thanks in large part to his discipline and commitment to nutrition, he has become one of soccer’s greatest players.