Ronaldinho Daily Routine

1. Playing football

At first, it was unlikely for Ronaldinho to take part in the prison’s futsal tournament. However, the Brazilian was allowed to play and he went on to become the game’s best performer.

“He plays football every day and teaches the guys he plays with a few tricks. From the very first moment he wanted to make sure he integrated with the other inmates and he quickly managed to do that,” a source close to the player told ESPN.

“He’s an idol for many of them and they have asked for him to sign hats, shirts and trainers.”

As a prize, the 39-year-old was given a roasted piglet.


2. Carpentry course

While many other active and former players don’t know what to do in quarantine, Ronnie has found a very special activity: joinery. According to ESPN, there is a special course in the prison regularly attended by the Brazilian.

3. TV and air conditioning

Unlike most prisoners, Ronaldinho and his brother are said to have better living conditions. Despite sharing one bathroom with several people, there is an individual cell for both, equipped with a television and air conditioners.

4. Barbecue food

The roasted pig wasn’t perhaps the tastiest dish for Ronnie these days. As claimed by the report, the Brazilian often feeds on barbecue food.

5. WhatsApp calls

Ronaldinho often talks to his friends via WhatsApp, as noted by the source. Still, it’s his mother whom he calls the most.

“He speaks with his mother every day in the evening,” a source told ESPN. “She’s one of Ronaldinho’s big concerns.”

Interestingly, the former player is reportedly not allowed to play music in the prison. Over the past few years, we’ve often seen Ronnie playing his favourite bongo music. Unfortunately, he’s prohibited to make music in his new whereabouts.


Paraguay’s interior minister Euclides Acevedo didn’t rule out Ronaldinho being allowed to play football with other inmates.

“He is an international idol,” he said in an interview for Canal 9 Noticias.

“I do not know if they are going to play a football match, but there might be a friendly game within the group.”

Pictures of the Brazilian signing autographs for other prisoners have also circulated in the last hours.

The former Barcelona player could spend up to six months in pre-trial custody.