Salman Khan Daily Routine
  • He never misses out his workout schedule. At times when he misses it he starts his workout as late as 1 am. This shows how dedicated he is for his body.
  • According to his gym trainer, his workout session is of 2 to 3 hours daily which comprises of 1 hour of cardio and focuses on only two body parts – biceps, triceps, legs and back.
  • At times he does cycling for 3 hours to shift his mood from exercises and cardiovascular routine.
  • According to Salman Khan’s fitness trainer, he does some unbelievable stuff like 2,000 sit ups or 1,000 push ups a day.
  • His workout mainly focuses on biceps, triceps and abs.
  • Salman Khan’s workout routine is not advised to a beginner as it requires incredible strength and endurance to adapt such a harsh workout routine. All the rumors that Salman Khan takes steroids to make his body muscles are absolutely false.
  • To get full out of this kind of workout session, Salman Khan avoids eating any kind of junk food. He says, “The last thing he would do is feed his body unhealthy and synthesized food”
  • The secrets behind Salman Khan’s fabulous abs is dedication and hard work, Along with chin-ups and pull-ups, He also does around 500 ab crunches.

Salman Khan in gym