Shania Twain Daily Routine

Eilleen Regina “Shania” Twain (born August 28, 1965) is a Canadian singer and songwriter.


“I stick to a mixture of real raw, whole-food items, every day. I make sure I’m eating greens every day, and nuts, and food that’s not processed. I do that every day,” she previously told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“If you end up eating bread and rice and pasta to satisfy yourself, then you’re probably not necessarily eating healthier. You might be sparing yourself some of the downsides of eating meat. But you’re not necessarily benefiting yourself by eating the starch”

“I stay away from junk food. I make that avocado smoothie — I have a blender in my hotel room everywhere I go — as a filler between meals so that I’m not starving all day,” she previously said. “To avoid the bag of potato chips, I’ll have one of my smoothies.”



I exfoliate every day, I wear sunscreen every day, and I use a C complex as well. That’s made a huge difference with my skin. This is going to sound weird, but because I’m traveling so much, I take sugar and a bit of olive oil or any face cream that I’ve got handy, and mix it with a little bit of warm water, and I gently scrub my face. I came up with it myself. It’s very hard to find an exfoliator that I really like. I tried so many. I have tried very fine sand before as well, but it’s a little bit too abrasive. Sugar works well because it softens with a little bit of warm water and it’s not sharp on the skin.


Shania likes to always stay active, whether that be by simply walking, horse riding, or playing tennis. “If I’m going to do shortcuts because I’m traveling and I can’t manage the environment around me or my schedule is too much, walking is my key thing,” she told The Cut.

“If I’ve got to go to an appointment, I’ll try to walk there, or walk back because going off to play tennis isn’t always easy when I’ve got a busy work schedule.”