Christian Pulisic Daily Routine

Christian Pulisic (born September 18, 1998) is an American professional soccer player.


Christian Pulisic is a fitness enthusiast and daily workout did not forget anyway. He takes a 1-hour long cardio session before starting a workout in the gym. Usually, he likes to run and run for an hour every day to increase his metabolism and burn fat.

Game Day Routine

“Well, it first depends on when we play, since sometimes we play at noon, or three, or a later game. But say the average game is 3 p.m. We normally have an open time slot in the morning, and I head to breakfast around 9:30 a.m. Recently I’ve really enjoyed avocado on toast, maybe with some fried eggs on top. Then I’ll head back to the room, relax a bit, and then we’ll do a team walk and meet for a pregame meal like three-ish hours before the game. We’ll maybe have one more meeting, make final preparations, and then go out and play.”