Dan Brown Daily Routine

He Writes Early, Really Early

4 am.

He Writes Consistently

Protect your process. — Dan Brown

Brown says that one thing you must do over anything else is to protect your process. Whether your process is to get up at 4 am to write through to 11 am or it’s to get up at 11 am to write through till 4 pm. The specifics of your process do not matter, it’s the commitment to the process that does.

He Writes For Hours Not Words

When you aim to write a number of words in a day, the process can become quite unfair. Let’s say for instance your target is 1000 words per day. Come rain or shine, you need to write 1000 words before you can say you are done for the day.

He Writes Uninterrupted

Brown writes with no distractions whatsoever. I mean the room that he writes in doesn’t even have internet. It’s all too easy when we sit down to write to think about the other 400 things you need to do today.