Julie Christie Daily Routine

Julie Frances Christie (born 14 April 1940) is a British actress.

Family No children and has never married. Her long-term partner is the journalist Duncan Campbell.

She says “I was born with a need to be the centre of attention and, of course, you are the centre of the world when you’re acting.”

Julie Christie's height, weight and body measurements

The recipe of her youth is very simple: the actress resorted to plastic surgery service more than once and the work done with her face is considered exemplary for professionals. In addition, Julia Christie took for herself the rule of living in the fresh air. It greatly contributes not only to her look, but also to the healthy.

The core impact onto Julie’s fresh look is made by her following of vegetarian diet. However, the actress follows it not only to maintain a slender figure or to stay healthy, but mostly because she is conscious about the animals’ lives.

Julie Christie Body Size


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