Priscilla Presley Daily Routine

Priscilla Ann Presley (born May 24, 1945) is an American businesswoman and actress.

Priscilla presley works out three days a week, does yoga and I keeps her weight down because she feels better that way.

Priscilla looked stylish in her black trousers. leather jacket and blue top combo

She explained: ‘I’m not searching for perfection and I’m comfortable with myself.

‘I work out three days a week, do yoga and I keep my weight down because I feel better that way.

‘I do facials and make sure my hair’s done, but I’m in Hollywood where it’s a case of constant maintenance, so I do what I need to do to get work.’

Priscilla Presley

“As I have stated before, I’m in very good health, I’m not dying and I still have my memory,” the 74-year-old wrote on her Facebook on Friday, February 14. “Don’t put me under yet … I have to much to do in this lifetime. Where these crazy articles come from is beyond me.”

anonymous ✦ Did Cilla diet during her time with Elvis? Her figure wasn’t too thin and definitely not too large and I’d like to know how she kept slim, even through her pregnancy! I couldn’t imagine how self-conscious she was around Elvis!
  • Priscilla had a normal, healthy appetite and normal, healthy weight.  She kept active with and without Elvis around, so I don’t believe she ever went on any diet plan.  During her pregnancy, though, she did mention watching her weight. An excerpt from her book reads:
    As far as I was concerned, the less people mentioned about my looking pregnant, the better. I intended to prove that a woman did not have to get fat. I wanted to refute Elvis’ claim that “women use the excuse of their pregnancy to let themselves go.” Although the doctor said that a twenty-five-pound gain would be fine, I immediately dropped from my normal one hundred ten pounds to one hundred. During the next four months, I regained just five pounds, and only nine more by the time of delivery. Eating one meal a day and snacking on apples and hard-boiled eggs, I prided myself on never needing to buy a maternity outfit. My doctor advised that in addition to taking multiple vitamins I should consume plenty of dairy products. Being vain, I amended my doctor’s instructions and lessened my intake of dairy products. I did not want to gain weight and get stretch marks. As a further precaution I resolved to slather myself with cocoa butter for the next eight months.