Rishi Sunak Daily Routine

Rishi Sunak (born 12 May 1980) is a British politician.


Getting up at 6am, he said he is a “huge fan” of doing Peloton workouts, especially those led by Cody Rigsby, one of the company’s most popular instructors.

Once finished with his daily exercise, Sunak said he’s either intermittent fasting and skips breakfast altogether, or eats Greek yoghurt and blueberries.

If he’s not intermittent fasting, he will “have a second breakfast mid-morning which is either Gail’s cinnamon bun or a pain au chocolat, or a chocolate chip muffin, so I have one chocolatey, sugary pastry at some point,” he said.

On weekends he enjoys breakfast with hit family. “On the weekend we have a full cooked breakfast on Saturdays, and then on Sundays we alternate between pancakes or waffles,” he said.

In terms of traditional Indian cuisine, “My wife’s family are South Indian, unlike me and when we’re together my favourite breakfast is of course idli, dosa, sambhar and chutney.”


As per a report in The Telegraph, one of his friends revealed to the Sunday Times that “Sunak doesn’t really eat much and can survive on just a Granny Smith apple and some cashew nuts.”


Sunak likes mixing up his workouts with treadmill runs or high intensity interval training sessions at a community leisure centre in Richmond, north Yorkshire.

He sees his children in the morning and starts work at 7.45am.


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