Billie Eilish Daily Routine

Billie Eilish (born December 18, 2001) is an American singer-songwriter.


Top list of food likes: Avocados, burritos, tofu, and lots of ramen, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for dessert

Dislikes: Meat and dairy.

Eilish went plant-based back in 2014 after researching the meat and dairy industries. The pop sensation, who also eats predominantly gluten-free, was raised on a vegetarian diet, so the switch was easy, according to Eilish. “Becoming vegan wasn’t like a huge deal for me because meat was never a thing in my life,” she explained. “It wasn’t like I missed meat—wasn’t like I had something to miss.”

She enjoys cooking for herself when she can and recently said it helps her decompress. “It’s a therapeutic thing for me to bake,” she admitted, according to Veg News. “Every time I’m stressed out, I make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.”


In November 2022, she revealed that she has started going to the gym daily.

In a recent interview with Apple Music, the singer said her new gym-going personality was more about getting her body ready for her extremely active performances – sans injury.

“I have been working on my bones and my body for the last — since [getting injured] really,” she explains.

“And more seriously for the last, like, four months, I’ve been like completely changing the way that my life is involving fitness. Like I’m a gym rat now, like when…did that happen? I don’t know but it did,” she adds.

“I know that’s something a lot of people do, but that was not a thing I did. And it’s become such an incredibly huge part of my life and it makes me feel so much better as a person and the way that I can move on stage now, I feel so much better.”


Raised in a two-bedroom house in Highland Park, LA, she and her brother were homeschooled, she was encouraged to pursue her interests in dance, gymnastics, horseback riding and especially music.